Professional tile fitting and pasting service in Bangladesh.

Tiles fitting and pasting

If you're in Dhaka and in need of top-quality tile fittings and pasting services in Dhaka , look no further! Our company specializes in providing exceptional tile installation and pasting solutions that will transform your space into a stunning masterpiece. With years of experience and a team of skilled professionals, we are committed to delivering excellence and exceeding customer expectations.

When it comes to tile fitting and pasting, precision and expertise are paramount. Our dedicated team of technicians possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to handle all types of tile installations, whether for residential or commercial projects. We take pride in our attention to detail, ensuring that each tile is perfectly aligned, resulting in a flawless finish that enhances the overall aesthetics of your space.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the installation process. We use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art tools to ensure the longevity and durability of our tile installations. Additionally, our team is always ready to provide expert advice and guidance on tile selection, maintenance, and care to help you make informed decisions and keep your tiles looking pristine for years to come. When it comes to tile fitting and pasting services in Dhaka, our company stands out for its professionalism, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Our Service Features

1. We offer an extensive collection of high-quality tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, and more, ensuring a wide range of options for our customers.
2. Our team of skilled and experienced tile fitters guarantees precise and flawless installation, ensuring that each tile is placed accurately and securely.
3. We provide personalized tile design solutions to cater to the unique preferences and requirements of our clients, allowing them to create a truly customized space.
4. With our expertise in tile pasting, we employ efficient techniques and use premium adhesives to ensure long-lasting and durable results.
5. We pay meticulous attention to every aspect of tile fitting, including alignment, spacing, and grouting, to achieve a polished and seamless finish.
6. We offer competitive pricing for our services, ensuring that our customers receive exceptional value for their investment.
7. We source our tiles and adhesives from trusted suppliers, ensuring that only top-quality materials are used in our projects, guaranteeing longevity and durability.
8. Our knowledgeable team provides expert consultation and guidance throughout the tile fitting process, helping customers make informed decisions about design, materials, and layout.

What is Excluded?
1.Our tile fitting and pasting services do not include grouting of the tiles.
2.Applying sealant to the tiles is not included in our tile fitting and pasting services.

Pricing Terms

1. Our tile fitting and pasting services in Dhaka are priced at a competitive rate of XYZ per square foot.
2. The cost of materials required for the project, such as adhesive, grout, and other necessary supplies, will be billed separately and is not included in the service charges.
3. We offer a complimentary site visit to assess the project requirements. However, any subsequent visits due to changes or additional work will be subject to an additional fee.
4. The labor charges for tile fitting and pasting services are included in the service charges and cover the skilled workforce required to complete the project.
5. Any additional services requested, such as tile removal, surface preparation, or customization, will be priced separately based on the scope of work involved.
6. If transportation of materials or equipment to the project site is required, transportation costs will be borne by the customer and added to the final invoice.
7. All applicable taxes and government levies will be added to the total bill as per the prevailing tax laws.
8. A 50% advance payment is required to confirm the booking. The remaining 50% of the payment is due upon completion of the project.
9. In the event of a cancellation after the project has started, any expenses incurred up to that point will be deducted from the advance payment, and the remaining balance will be refunded.

Why will you choose clean and service tile fittings and pasting services in Dhaka service?

There are several reasons why choosing to clean and service tile fittings and paste services in Dhaka is a wise decision.

Professional tile cleaning and servicing ensure the longevity and durability of your tiles. Over time, dirt, grime, and stains can accumulate on tiles, diminishing their appearance and potentially causing damage. By availing yourself of the services of experts, you can effectively remove these contaminants, restore the tiles' original shine, and protect them from further deterioration.

Tile fitting and pasting require precision and expertise. Trained professionals possess the necessary knowledge and skills to handle different types of tiles, ensuring proper installation without any mistakes or flaws. Their expertise also includes choosing the right adhesive, grouting, and techniques to achieve a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Outsourcing tile fitting and pasting services saves you time and effort. Professionals come equipped with the necessary tools and equipment, efficiently completing the task in a timely manner. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of your life or business.

Overall, opting for clean and serviceable tile fittings and pasting services in Dhaka ensures high-quality workmanship, enhances the longevity of your tiles, and saves you valuable time and effort.

Details about our tile fittings and pasting services working process:

We offer comprehensive tile fitting and pasting services in Dhaka to meet your needs and transform your space. Our team of skilled professionals specializes in providing high-quality tile installation solutions with precision and attention to detail.

Whether you're looking to renovate your bathroom, kitchen, or any other area in your home or office, our tile fitting services are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your space. We work with a wide range of tile materials, including ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, and more, ensuring that we can cater to your specific design preferences.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results within agreed-upon timelines while maintaining a clean and organized work environment. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed expectations with our professional craftsmanship and reliable service.

Our tile fitting and pasting services in Bangladesh involve a 6-step process for cleaning.

Our tile fitting and pasting services in Bangladesh are known for their meticulous attention to detail and professional approach. We understand the importance of clean and well-fitted tiles in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space, be it residential or commercial. With our 6-step process for cleaning, we ensure that every tile is flawlessly installed, leaving our customers satisfied and impressed.

1. Assessment: Our skilled team begins by assessing the area where the tiles are to be fitted. We take accurate measurements and analyze the condition of the surface to determine the appropriate materials and techniques required for the job.

2. Surface Preparation: Before fitting the tiles, we ensure that the surface is properly prepared. This includes cleaning the area thoroughly, removing any dust, dirt, or debris. We also examine the surface for any irregularities and make the necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth and level base for the tiles.

3. Tile Cutting and Arrangement: We have experienced craftsmen who are proficient in tile cutting and arrangement. Depending on the design and layout, we carefully cut the tiles to the desired size and shape. We then arrange them in a precise pattern, taking into consideration the customer's preferences and design requirements.

4. Adhesive Application: The next step involves applying a high-quality adhesive to the back of each tile. We use adhesives that are suitable for the specific type of tile and the surface they are being fitted onto. This ensures a strong bond between the tiles and the surface, preventing any future issues like tile shifting or loosening.

5. Fitting and Pasting: With the adhesive in place, our skilled technicians fit the tiles carefully, ensuring accurate alignment and spacing. They use specialized tools and techniques to achieve a professional finish. The tiles are firmly pressed onto the surface to ensure proper adhesion.

6. Cleaning and Finishing: Once the tiles are fitted, we meticulously clean the entire area to remove any excess adhesive, grout, or stains. We pay attention to even the smallest details, ensuring that the tiles are spotless and ready to be admired. We also provide a finishing touch by applying grout in between the tiles to enhance their appearance and durability.

At every step of the process, we prioritize quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional tile fitting and pasting services in Bangladesh , leaving our clients with beautifully installed tiles that transform their spaces.

Payment Method

We accept various payment methods such as bank transfers and online payment platforms like bKash, Rocket, and Nagad. Customers can choose the most convenient method for them to make payments securely and quickly.Quick and easy instant payment options are available. Our priority is ensuring that our clients receive the best service possible.

Pre service instruction

1. Ensure that the surface where the tiles will be installed is clean, dry, and free from any debris or existing flooring.

2. Remove any existing tiles or flooring materials to provide a smooth and even base for the new tiles.

3. Provide us with accurate measurements and a layout plan of the area where the tiles will be installed.

4. Choose the type, color, and design of the tiles you want to be installed and inform our team beforehand.

5. Clear the area of any furniture, appliances, or obstacles that may hinder the installation process.

6. If any electrical or plumbing work is required, make sure it is completed before our team arrives for tile fitting.

7. Communicate any specific requirements or preferences you have regarding the tile installation.

8. Arrange for appropriate ventilation and drying time after the installation to allow the adhesive to set properly.

Benefit of our service

1. Professional and skilled tile fitting and pasting services.

2. Timely completion of projects, ensuring customer satisfaction.

3. Extensive range of tile options to suit various preferences.

4. Precise measurements and accurate installation ensure seamless results.

5. Expert advice on tile selection, patterns, and layouts.

6. High-quality materials and durable adhesive for long-lasting results.

7. Efficient and tidy workmanship, minimizing disruptions.

8. Affordable pricing options to suit different budgets.

9. Customized solutions tailored to individual needs and spaces.


Our tile fitting and pasting services in Bangladesh provide exceptional quality and expertise in the field of tile installation. We take pride in offering our customers a seamless and professional experience, ensuring that their spaces are transformed into stunning works of art.

Our highly skilled team of tile fitters and pasters brings years of experience and a keen eye for detail to every project. We understand the importance of precision and accuracy when it comes to tile placement, and we strive to exceed our customers' expectations by delivering flawless results.

With a wide range of tile options to choose from, our clients have the freedom to select designs that suit their individual tastes and preferences. From sleek and modern to classic and timeless, we have tiles to suit every style and aesthetic.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, working closely with our clients to understand their vision and bring it to life. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and timely completion of projects sets us apart as a leading tile fitting and pasting service provider in Bangladesh.

Choose our services for your tile installation needs and experience the difference of working with a team that is passionate about creating beautiful